I love Roald! Bloggers pick their favourite books for #RoaldDahlDay

Everyone has a favourite Roald Dahl book, they’re a right of passage as you learn to read and grow to love books. 13th September 2017 is Roald Dahl Day, so we thought we’d ask some bloggers what their favourite books and characters are, and find out why they love them. Who are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

Tara at Sticky Fingers
Fantastic Mr Fox for me, I’m all about the eccentrically quirky! The film is absolutely fab, too 

Claire at Bambino Goodies
Matilda. Always Matilda. When I was young, my Aunt read it to me one summer and I decided that I must be Matilda. Why? No idea. My parents were lovely, I wasn’t able to move anything by will power and I quite liked my headteacher.

Kara at Innocent Charm Chats
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series as they were the first “big” books I read when a child and every time I feel a little gloomy I pick them up and feel like I am back in my primary school room reading them.

Charlotte at Charlotte’s Lively Kicthen
My favourite Roald Dahl book is George’s Marvellous Medicine. When I was little I used to make random concoctions with things I found in the bathroom (shampoo, etc.), although fortunately I didn’t try them out on any animals! My favourite character is Matilda. She’s clever, independent and feisty. I would have loved to have been like that when I was her age.

Ruth at Mamagination
Definitely related to the little boy in witches – I think it was Luke? I loved watching the movie as I used to always talk to fairies when I was little and witches scared the life out of me but I was amazed! My mum used to sit and watch it with me, she passed away so it’s a great memory.

Debbie at My Boys Club
Matilda – she is amazing, thoughtful and clever with a wicked sense of humour. I’m too old to have read this book as a child but even as an adult I wanted to be her – in fact I think I still do.

Pamela at Life With Munchers
I love Mr and Mrs Twit from The Twits. Some of the tricks they play on each other are hilarious. The glass eye on the bottom of the beer glass still gets me at this age.

Hannah at Make Do & Push
The Magic Finger! I remember reading it for the first time at my grandparents house in the middle of the countryside when I was little, and wondering whether I could turn my brother into a duck!

Alison at Mama-Chic
Mine is Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love how dedicated he is to keeping the magic alive in Charlie’s life. I also love how he springs right out of bed to go to the chocolate factory with Charlie. He is the finest example of optimism ever!

Clare at My Tunbridge Wells
Hands down ‘The Twits’ – I love that Mr Twit has food available to him on tap by just sticking his tongue out and licking his beard. How handy is that (and of course completely gross too!)?

Jane at Hodge Podge Days
I actually like Roald Dahl best, from his autobiography Boy. One of the best autobiographies I’ve read. The tonsil story will stay with me forever I think.  Actually, I can’t think about him without mentioning his adult books, adult being the operative word in some cases. “My Uncle Oswald” is particularly famous. He also wrote a lot of the Tales of the Unexpected TV series.

Anda at The Twisted Red Lady Bug
For me it’s always going to be The Big Friendly Giant. It’s, if i remember correctly, the first book I read by Mr. Dahl. The sketches are still vivid in my memory and Sophie was such a sweet, smart and brave little girl. I just love how they got along. I always find the story of how dreams come to us magnificent! I still wish a part of it would be true…

Jennifer at My Mummy’s Pennies
I’ve always loved Danny, the champion of the world. It was the first Roald Dahl book I read when I was about 7 and I loved the relationship between Danny and his father, I think as a child I always envied that and enjoyed living it through the book.

Tiffany at Little Me London
The witches was my favourite (although it also scared me senseless!) I was convinced that all the teachers at my school were actually witches in disguise!! 


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  1. I think nearly everyone has a memory about Roald Dahl. Love this. Can’t wait for my little girl to start reading them xx


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