Letter Art Challenge – Week 26 ( Hurray !)

Right ! We did it !

Week 26 is upon us.

We have done a letter a week (more or less) and completed the entire alphabet from A-Z.

A bit over 6 months ago, Sofie Björkgren-Näse and I met up over breakfast to talk about creativity and work. We decided to launch this challenge to help inspire more people to have fun with creating art ( letter art in particular). Now 26 weeks later, we have finished our challenge and it feels great ! We did it and we had a whole lot of inspiring people join us in our effort. At times, it was pretty tiring to keep going … but we kept going and we did it !

So, here it is , last letter of the alphabet.


If you have missed a few letters of the challenge, now is the time to catch up.

Have fun, enjoy, get creative. Use above letter by Sofie or create your own form. It is entirely up to you and plea don’t forget to share your letter with by tagging #letterartchallenge.

See previous letters here.

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