Letter Art Challenge – Week 25

Hey ! Hurray ! Finally back at work after our 2 week Easter break.

I love my kids dearly and I love being on holiday with them. We had a fantastic time in Sweden, visiting my family but boy, did I miss having some quiet time and to get back to work ! Our Kickstarter campaign just got successfully funded last week and there is so much exciting work to be done ! But before that, let’s get creative.

So, here we are, just 2 letters left and we have completed the entire alphabet ! Phew !

Let’s do it !

This week’s letter is ….


I am going to dedicate this post to my best friend’s baby! He has only just turned one month and we just met him for the first time when we were in Stockholm last week. He is so cute and Maya is completely in love with him. So here it is. V for Valter !


You can use letter template above, created by Sophie Björkgren-Näse or your own.

Whatever it is and however you want to do this, is entirely up to you. See here for more information about the challenge, and to catch up on the weeks that you have missed.

Have fun. Enjoy being creative, for the sake of creating. And then tag #letterartchallenge and share it with us.

Look forward to seeing your creations.

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