Letter Art Challenge – Week 24

Well done guys ! We are now into our 24th week. Well, actually, our 25th week but I didn’t post a new letter last week as I was completed absorbed by our Kickstarter Campaign.

It was been INTENSE to say the least. We have another 48 hours to go until it ends. So head over there to have a look, if you haven’t already.  Help support us in making kidswear more sustainable.

OK, so let’s get back to lettering !

This weeks letter is S for Sweden, as well as Stockholm. 


Then we also have sewing, Swing, Snail, Shark and Sunflower …. Any other ideas ?

You can use letter template above, created by Sophie Björkgren-Näse or just create something completely your own.

Whatever it is and however you want to do this, is entirely up to you. See here for more information about the challenge, and to catch up on the weeks that you have missed.

Have fun. Enjoy being creative, for the sake of creating. And then tag #letterartchallenge and share it with us.

Look forward to seeing your creations.

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