Kickstarters We Love

Along with our own Kickstarter project, we have been eyeballing some other creative and functional projects. Check them out below….

The Brug

Now this is a functional idea! THE BRUG doubles up as a bag and a rug; it’s hard wearing, versatile and water resistant. It’s easy to use and works equally well indoors and outdoors. It has so many brilliantly thought out ideas – it pegs to the ground for one and can be put in the washing machine. It’s a really good size too; a 40L bag and 150x150cm rug. Brilliant. [Find out more and back]

Chop Value

With many sushi lovers come thousands of disposable chopsticks that end up in landfills. Actually, up to 100 000 per day just in Vancouver – where this company is based! They’re not collecting the chopsticks ot make super-cool looking shelving, tiles and other home products. [Find out more and back


Suga manufactures premium quality yoga mats in the USA from 100% recycled wetsuits. The name Suga evokes the two worlds it straddles: surfing and yoga. Suga is grounded in a culture of environmental stewardship and they seek to set an example of corporate sustainability and social responsibility. [Find out more and back]


Gobble by Form Maker, is a collection of fun eco-friendly, animal inspired homeware for children that is made from recycled paper fibres. Combined with non toxic ink and water based adhesives, our range of designs are extremely durable and also recyclable so Mother Nature can Gobble them back up when your kids outgrow them. [Find out more and back]

My Busy Book

As a working mama, I know how hard it is to keep the kids entertained especially when they were younger and on journeys, so My Busy Book ticks a lot of boxes. It provides activities to enhance a child’s environment tactilely and visually in a real, hands-on manner. Working with experts, they have included the most important games, which contribute to the developmental and intellectual growth of children, into this educational toy. [Find out more and  back]

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