DIY Beeswax Wraps


First step to a zero waste lifestyle , or what I prefer to call it a less-waste lifestyle is to reduce the use of plastics and single-use items.

Bees-wax wraps is a brilliant product that easily replaces all cling-film and foil-wraps. They are super handy to have in the cupboard and in the long run, much cheaper than disposable options too !

You can buy them in quite a few stores but you can also quite easily make your own with some scrap fabrics you may have already.

All you need is:

Bees-wax pellets and cotton fabrics.

Then you need an old tray, an old brush.

You don’t even need scissors, as you could just tear the fabric, like i ended up doing.


Here is how you do it:

Cut fabric to size. You can fold your fabric if you need bigger wraps than your tray can fit.
Sprinkle fabrics evenly with wax pellets. The more wax, the thicker the wrap will be.
Put into a medium-heated oven.
Take it out when all pellets are all melted. It only takes a minute or so. Do the same with the other side if necessary. Depends on how much you put on the first time.
Use an old brush to brush out the wax evenly but be fairly quick, as the wax dries fast.
Lift up the fabric and hold to dry. Be careful. It may be hot but it dries within seconds.
Bee-wax wrap ready to be used.
You can use them for all sorts of things. Sandwiches, fruits, cut vegetables etc. but for hygiene reasons, do NOT wrap fish or meat in them. Also great for covering leftover in bowls and plates if you make larger ones.
Reusable, handy. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth after use and re-use again and again. If too many cracks start to appear, just reheat them and add some more beeswax if necessary. They are compostable at its end of life.

Enjoy ! x







Original source: Less Stuff

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