Letter Art Challenge – Week 21

This one is slightly delayed,as I have been a bit distracted with my new collection lately. Sorry guys. But here it is, a bit earlier than normal in the day but wanted to make sure to post this before I press the Launch button on our Kickstarter campaign this morning.

So, what letters have we still got to do ??

Let’s see….

What about N !


N for No ! I wrote a post about how important it is to say NO, in trying to live a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle. Read it here.

And N for Now. Now is the time to enjoy life, as yesterday is already gone and the future is not here yet.

We also have Norway, Neighbour, Narcissus, Nemesis … and Nymph.

Enjoy this week’s letter and I look forward to seeing your creativity. As always, use Sohie’s letter above as template if you want or create your own and go check out out Kathy’s work to see what she is up to.

Find out more about the challenge and how to join here.

PS. Our Kickstarter campaign will be live at 9am this morning (14th March), so do head over and check it out. There are some limited early bird offers available, so make sure you check it out sooner rather than later,as they will soon be gone.

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