Make repairs design features #MendingMonday


I am seriously overawed by how creative some people are when it comes to fixing up their clothes. Why not make repairs into a design feature!

4 Pantsville Press shows us holes can be decorations!

5Love this embroidered method of freshening up frayed edges.

3Tweed inspired darn on merino wool sweater – brilliant.

2And this visibly mended sweater looks ace.

So how are they doing this? Embroidery and darning! I suspect it’s something that can be quite addictive! If you’d like to know how to get started, check out these really useful links…

Snips Entwined – beautiful close up shots of stitches.

Zero Waste Home – easy demonstration of how to darn a sock

Needlework Tips & Techniques – a step by step pattern to get you started

How to darn a sweater – another one breaking it down for you

Hand embroidery on clothes – some great tips on how to get started



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