Genius hacks for fixing your clothes #MendingMonday


Next up in our #MendingMonday posts are some fabulous hacks for fixing your clothes – from bleach to detached soles, we have it covered. We’d also LOVE to hear your hacks – let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll add them to this page.  Let’s give our clothes a new lease of life!

Remove armpit discolouration using lemon juice, vodka or baking soda (amongst other things). Yes that’s right, we said vodka! [Find out more]

Everyone needs to have a Snag Nab it – When you snag clothing, you simply insert the needle straight through the snag down into the fabric and pull the thread through to the inside. Genius and only £2.99 [Buy yours now]

Oil stains? Fear not, WD40 and baking soda will sort that little problem for you. [Find out how]

Do your shoes need the sole reattaching? Get some shoe goo. And don’t forget your local cobbler will be able to fix most of your shoe-related problems! [But now]

When your favourite bra starts stabbing you in the heart (well kind of, that area, you know what I mean), you do feel let down. But fear not, there’s an easy hack to sort your pesky underwires. [Read more]

Did you know that conditioner and/or baby shampoo can unshrink your clothes? Seriously, clothes can be unshrunk! I know, no-one told me either [Find out how]

It’s devastating when you splash a little bleach on to your clothes, but instead of writing that item off, why not use fabric markers to ‘colour’ them back in. Works a treat. [Buy yours here]

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