5 stitches you need to know to repair clothes #MendingMonday


Last week we shared with you some easy ways to repair your jeans. This week’s #MendingMonday is taking it back to the basics and showing you 5 stitches that are invaluable when mending clothes.

Running Stitch

This one is super useful and the  most basic stitch of all. You can use it when sewing patches onto clothing and repairing hems. The key is consistency. If you want it to look neat, keep your stitch lengths and gaps the same.

The Back Stitch

It’s a step up from the running stitch – it can be used in the same places but it’s stronger so should last longer.

Sewing on a button

This isn’t just a stitch, it’s a life skill! You really need to know how to create a shank and sew a button so you can continue to wear clothes that a button has fallen off. This is one you need to teach the kids, too.

Slip Stitch

This is a really useful one, whIch I wish I had learned years ago! It’s perfect for closing holes you leave when you’re turning a sewing project the right way. When it’s done correctly, you never see the hole or the thread! It’s one of the most invaluable hand stitches. Perfect for fixing hems when you want the stitch to be unseen.

Whip Stitch

If you have a pocket that’s about to go, this is the stitch you need. It will also work for mending a busted seam – you will need to match your thread to your fabric for this one to be almost invisible.

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