Letter Art Challenge – Letter 12

Happy new year !

Let’s go 2017.

New year, new goals.

Our goals for 2017 is to go for it !

Go for what we believe in

Go for achieving great success

Go for giving back

Go for giving more kindness

Go for connecting with more great people

What are your goals this year ?


This weeks letter is G for Goals ( as it happens).

Tell us about your goals in this week’s challenge, draw a giant golfball or perhaps a goldfish if you so wish. Whatever it is, have a great week and get creative.

A G by super talented lettering artist Fialotta Jansson Design to help you get inspired. Use as template or create your own.

G-letterartchallenge.jpgFind out more about #letterartchallenge and how to take part here.

Also, get inspired by checking out our co-host Kathy Hutton’s work.

Here is some more inspiration to get your creativity going.


Remember to tag #letterartchallenge when posting to Instagram, so you get featured in our gallery and sign-in to our newsletter so you don’t miss any letters.

Have fun ! x

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