Green Gift Guide: Gifts that Give Back


If you’re stuck on what to gift someone this year or are not a fan or wasteful consumerism, why not buy a gift that gives back this year? There’s so many options out there – some fun, some serious, but all doing their part to support people or the environment. Here are some of my favourites. I would love to hear of other schemes, too – please leave a comment to let me know.


The Gift of Agriculture

Empower communities to produce sustainable crops, thus providing essential food and livelihoods for families. Everyone wins and donations start from £2. [Find out more]


Give a Butterfly a Tree

The Forests For Monarchs project has added more than five million trees over the last decade to deforested areas of Central Mexico, giving majestic monarch butterflies a fluttering chance. A gift of trees in the name of the butterfly lover in your life will help promote survival of the species. 50 trees cost $25. [Find out more]


Become a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe

The Scottish Lord and Lady gift pack that includes your own plot of land in Scotland and allows your to style yourself as Lord or Lady of Glencoe. However, and more importantly, it helps support a unique conservation project. Fun for £29.99 even if you’re not legally any of those titles!  [Find out more]


The National Trust Family Membership

A family membership gives two adults plus children or grand children free entry and parking to over 500 of the UK’s most amazing houses, gardens and coastlines. You might not realise at the time, but when you become a member, you’re helping to protect the UK’s landscape and heritage in a number of unexpected ways. From ancient trees to Andean alpacas and Roman mosaics, your support makes it possible to protect special places forever for £5.25 a month! [Find out more]


The Bees Knees

For just £45 you could help farmers in Peru diversify their income sources by providing them with a beehive that produces honey enabling them to become more resilient in the event of crop failure. [Find out more]


Buy Bricks

This £20 present offers the chance to help build maternity hospitals and save lives. Christian Aid says that in rural Kenya 40 women die each day after pregnancy-related complications. Women often have to be transferred if they need a Caesarean or blood transfusion, and many won’t survive the trip. So you can really save lives with this gift. [Find out more]


Support a child’s future

You can give a child a brighter future this Christmas. This gift bundle can help children grow up safe, smart and happy. A mosquito net will keep out disease-ridden mosquitos so a child can sleep safe and sound. Toys mean disadvantaged children can play and make friends and school books could allow a child to study and learn, giving them the best chance of a brighter future. [Find out more]

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