Green Gift Guide: For Her


Last week we shared the Green Gift Guide for children, and this week it’s all about the ladies. As before, we’re talking about buying from companies that care about production methods – fair trade certification, eco-friendly and sustainable sourcing.


This bamboo desktop organiser made of bamboo with iPad stand is sure to delight your tech friends and family. It’s made by Woodquail who are a leading supplier of responsible and sustainably sourced Bamboo products – one of the most sustainable materials available, it can grow at a rate of up to 5 feet per day! They ensure they only use mature bamboo from carefully maintained forests to ensure deforestation, soil erosion and habitat destruction doesn’t occur. They aim to save 10,000 trees in six months by choosing bamboo! [Protect The Planet, £24.99]


SAHEL bags are gorgeous (find out more about the brand) and this crossbody bag in cream leather with a tassled, hand-woven natural tan strap is beautiful. It’s been made from sustainably sourced and produced Ox leather and a vegetable tanned goat leather strap. SAHEL is committed to the preservation of traditional skills and revival of artisanal livelihoods. They adhere to Fair Trade principles and invest in their West African artisans’ communities, providing better access to health care, clean water and primary education. [SAHEL, £265]


Filled with a lovely mix of uplifting and relaxing treats, this gift box makes the perfect gift for someone special.  The contents of the gift set are completely ethical, containing a selection of organic, natural and British made products all produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment. It comes wrapped and includes a votive candle (made in Wiltshire with clean burning organic plant wax and hand poured into a glass pot), bath treats, teas blended in the UK, UK made chocolate suitable for vegans which is free from dairy, gluten, nut and soya. Yes please. [Green Tulip, £22.50]


Love these bamboo socks by Braintree. As mentioned earlier, bamboo is fab and these sustainable socks use one of the planet’s strongest, softest and most eco-friendly fabrics, which is bamboo. Naturally antibacterial, hard wearing and thoughtfully designed to let your feet breathe and relax. [The Green Shop, £4.99]


I don’t know about you, but I love getting some makeup related products under the tree and the Day to Night Brush Kit is perfect – it comes with a  little clutch so you can easily store your brushes, too. The set consists of an angled face brush, a concealer brush, a highlighting fan brush, an eye shadow brush and a lip liner brush. Importantly, these cosmetic brushes are made with cruelty free synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules. The packaging is made from 80% Recycled and 100% Recyclable Paper. [£15, EcoTools]


How cool is this eco-friendly sundial? It provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional sundials as it’s UK made from recycled plant pots. It’s weatherproof and UV stable. So why dig up the UK countryside to extract slate when this eco alternative not only looks every bit as good, but it also saves an average of 86 plant pots from filling a landfill site somewhere else in the UK?! Win. Win. [£18.95, A Short Walk]


Now this is fancy. The Ecobeat Lotus speaker produces a clear natural sound enhanced by the natural acoustic qualities of the bamboo. It’s super lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag. It also comes with an Eco-friendly cotton bag to keep it safe. Like some of the others, it’s made from Bamboo, a natural resource whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed in the plant kingdom. Unlike most timber, bamboo is a self-regenerating natural resource; new shoots that appear annually ensure production after individual culms are harvested. This makes it the ultimate Eco-friendly material. Be quick, they’re currently on sale! [from £19.99, Ecobeat]


The 18ct gold used in this pretty star stacking ring is from recycled sources – no mined metals have been used and therefore, there’s less damage to the environment. The metals are obtained from a refining source which processes old reclaimed jewellery and jewellers’ scrap. Super cute and a future heirloom. [From £310, Lilia Nash]

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