Must watch – Cowspiracy

Everyday, I learn new things that inspires me to do better and everyday, I learn new things that inspires me to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This morning I watched a film recommended by Charney Magri, who I work with on our new collection campaign, and it completely blew me away.

The film is called “Cowspiracy – The Sustainable Secret” .

The movie claims that the most environmentally damaging industry in the world right now is the meat production industry. In fact, cows alone emits more CO2 than all vehicles and transportation combined.

It also claims that it is the meat production industry which is the main cause of de-orestation of our rain forests, NOT palm-oil or other causes claimed by large environmental groups.

The movie shows that people won’t talk about this issue and prefers to keep quiet because the meat industry is too profitable and powerful. People have literally been killed over this.

Basically, the only thing that you have to do and should do to help save the planet is to stop eating meat. Full stop.

As a meat-eater, this movie’s message came across loud and clear. Very powerful.

Get the movie, watch it and let me know your thoughts.

Cowspiracy-Infographic copy.jpg

Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.

— Louie Psihoyos, Oscar-Winning Director of “The Cove”

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