Letter Art Challenge – Letter 6

Oh, I like this week’s letter !

I am going to make this week’s challenge all about ME.

ME as a ME and ME as a MESSY MUMMY but MOSTLY it is just going to be about MYSELF, being ME.

Yes, this week’s letter is :


MOTHER, MOODY, MAD …. MERRY …. MUSIC… MOVIE and then there is MORE. We also have MONKEY, MOUSE, MOON and what about MOSAIC and MUSHROOMS ? Whatever it is, I wish you lots of  MAGICAL MOMENTS when you are working on this weeks letter M.


Join Kathy Hutton, Sophie Björkgren-Näse and I  for some creative fun, if you aren’t already. You can join anytime.

New letter, every Tuesday at 10am.

All mediums, all abilities and all ages welcome. Enjoy !

Overview and details of how to join. 

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