My Thoughts on Why


As I was sitting here, attaching countless buttons in preparation for this weekends photo-shoot (surrounded by dirty dishes and a huge pile of laundry), I was thinking to myself: Why I am doing this ? Why am I going through all this hard work and getting myself all stressed out ?

Talking to myself is kind of weird, so I figured that I might as well share my thoughts with you.

I do this because I love being creative and I love to be working.

Apart that, It really bugs me, how much waste our children’s clothing (and toys for that matter) are creating and how much of it ends up in landfills.

It is not the children’s fault per se, but a lot of clothes get wasted because children simply grow out of them too quickly. They either grow out of them or they completely destroy them while doing what children do best, playing. So people ( including me on occasions), end up buying cheap, badly made clothing for them, thinking they won’t last anyway. This not only creates waste-issues, it also creates a lot of ethical issues, due to the demand of increasingly low prices.

I am determined to find a solution to this problem.  Well, we can’t stop kids from growing ( nor do we want to really ), so the only other way to make children’s clothing last longer is to make them “grow” with the child … and to mend them when they get ruined. It is that simple ! Then we need to just get clothing made ethically. There , problem solved.

I want to make people aware of how unsustainable our current shopping habits can be and to encourage people to be just a bit more conscious of their consumption. We can not stop buying clothes for our fast growing kids, but we can certainly try and buy less. I think it is time to teach ourselves, and with that, the next generation to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I may not be able to do this on my own but if I can inspire more people to do it with me, then we should be able to move (landfill) mountains.

With these thoughts in mind, I carried on attaching more buttons.

Do you sometimes wonder why you do what you do ?

What do you tell yourself, to keep yourself going ?

Please share in comment below. We would love to hear.


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2 thoughts

  1. Hi there,

    I totally get where you’re coming from & absolutely do ask myself “why are you doing this?” on a fairly regular basis, especially during the tough moments (and there are a few).
    There are multiple answers:
    Because I worked in the fast fashion industry for years and now want (as much as I can), to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.
    Because I love having the freedom to really create, rather than being a slave to profit-driven big businesses.
    Because by doing this I am letting my soul lead me and in doing so, it feels right.
    Because, despite the tough times, it almost always feels right.

    We’ve chosen the hard but most rewarding path and it’s especially when we find ourselves asking “why am I doing this?” that we should press on all the harder. Keep it up, don’t lose ♥!! 😀

    Find and Make


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