Inspired by Chie Hitotsuyama – Paper crafts for the whole family

I often share over on my Facebook page some amazing art installations created using recycled materials, like the animal sculptures comprised of densely rolled newspaper by artist Chie Hitotsuyama.

I know we don’t all have the time, or skill, to create such masterpieces but there are some fabulous paper crafts you can do at home with scraps that may normally go in to the bin. Here are some of my favourites…

Paper Roses


These beauties are created from an old dictionary by Etsy seller, Dragonflies but this is also a great craft to do with the kids. There are lots of tutorials out there and they’re really easy to make. I have used this same technique to make them out of fabric scraps – felt works brilliantly.

Paper Insects


I don’t have a how to for this one, it’s all about the inspiration. How amazing are these insects from Kasasagi Design?  They are made from entirely recycled materials including; book pages, sheet music, maps and matchbox labels. Add some pipe-cleaners or other craft materials and your inner entomologist is sure to appear!

Paper Fairy Houses


If you have a fairy lover in the house (we’re lovers here!) you must give this a go. It’s a simple paper-folding technique demonstrated perfectly over at Let Kids Be Kids. Dig out those old paper backs now!

Paper Christmas Decorations


These are seriously cool aren’t they! Pop over to Voyages of the Creative Variety to get a full tutorial and make sure you sign up to the newsletter as I will be showing more Christmas crafts over the next month or so.

Accordion Fold Fall Paper Leaf Banner


And finally, this one is perfect for the very littlest people in your household to get involved with. You cut the paper and let them paint and voila, you have a gorgeous leaf banner. Find out how to make yours over at Pink Stripy Socks.


Inspired? Why not use one of these techniques to join in with the #LetterArtChallenge?

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