Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle!

As the darker evenings come and some of us are starting to think ahead to the festive season, we thought now would be a great time to share some fabulous wrapping paper upcycles/recycles. We’re sharing these nice and early so you have time to gather and make! Enjoy!


Collect fabric scraps? Now here’s how you can put them to use. Cut out shapes and doodle them. Let the kids get involved, too. Looks fab on craft paper.


Paint chip cards are a fab way to decorate presents. These gifts cards look super-cool. Hop on over to create, craft, love to find out more. And if you know of a store which has paint chips like these, do leave a comment below. They’re hard to find where I am!


Fabric is the perfect reuseable material for wrapping presents. In Japan they call it furoshiki and there are sites dedicated to the technique. This one is from Sake Puppets. Stunning.


Maps. Beautiful Maps. I honestly can’t remember the last time I opened a map book, it’s been a while, so this wrap idea is a beautiful way to declutter. Wrapping with maps, as shown here by A Beautiful Mess is just brilliant for those with wonderlust!


Save those toilet roll tubes! I adore this idea. Toilet roll tube pillow boxes are so simple and perfectly functional. Plus you can decorate them with whatever you have around the house. Check out The Pink Doormat for step by step instructions.


Magazines get a whole new purpose. These magazine gift bows are little works of art and, I suspect, really satisfying to make. Get the full instructions over at How About Orange and impress everyone you know with your skills. I will be giving this a go. This will work with any paper so if you’re not a magazine buyer, don’t let that hold you back!


Yarn / wool hoarders, rejoice! Get that stash down with this stunning yarn wrapped present idea spotted over at Oh Happy Day.


Old socks or jumper sleeves get a makeover. This idea spotted at Boxwood Clippings is an example of upcycling at its best, I quite agree with their comment ‘Recycling can feel so good, thrifty and festive’.

Do you have a recycled wrapping idea? If so, leave a comment below (or post a photo/link on our Facebook page) as we’d love to check them out.


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One thought

  1. Lots of great ideas here, I like the recycled sock tops and wish I hadn’t just got rid of all my odd ones! I would just say that using loo roll middles is now seen as not such a great idea but kitchen roll middles cut down do just as good a job.


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