A is for acorns, aardvarks, apples and ants… #LetterArtChallenge



I am super excited to launch the #LetterArtChallenge ! I have been waxing lyrical about it here on the blog and on Instagram. If you’ve not heard about it yet, it’s a collaboration between myself, letter artist Fia Lotta Jansson and illustrator Kathy Hutton.

Every week we are launching a letter art challenge on Instagram.
This week is week 1. Your challenge is the letter A.

All ages, all levels, all mediums welcome.  You can choose to use our letter A template to get started, or you can create your own. There are no rules. Get creative and have fun.

Please share your work with us, just tag #LetterArtChallenge on Instagram and each week, we will feature a selection of your work on our blogs to help show off your awesomeness, so get creative !

Inspiration: How to Use the Template

Inspiration: How to create block letters

If you would like to create your own letter rather than use our template, have a look at this.

Need more inspiration? Check out these.

Please remember to share your As with us – just use #LetterArtChallenge on Instagram and if you don’t have Instagram, feel free to share them to my Facebook page.

Make sure you don’t miss next week’s challenge – sign up to our newsletter and follow me on Instagram.


[ LetterArtChallenge Overview ]

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