Save The Date for #LetterArtChallenge


When I first started my creative journey, a bit over a year ago, I frequently got stuck with my practice because 1, I didn’t have a set routine and 2, I often got stuck on what to draw.

It wasn’t until I discovered Sketchbook club that I became a more regular practitioner. Now I create most days, one way or another and completely loving it.

I often experiment with different ideas and techniques, because I love exploring new things.

I have over the last year, through sharing my own creative journey, as well as taking inspiration from other people’s journeys on Instagram, met some very inspiring people and I want to connect with a few of them and see if we can work on a little project together, to collectively spread a bit of creative love, fun and friendship.

At 10am GMT, on 18th October 2016, I will together with Fia Lotta JanssonKathy Hutton launch a weekly letter illustration challenge on Instagram. You can download letter templates from our blogs and get creative with us.

All ages, all levels, all mediums welcome.  You can choose to use our letter template to get started, or you can create your own. Up to you. No rules. Just for fun.

Please share your work with us, just tag #LetterArtChallenge on Instagram and each week, we will feature a selection of your work on our blogs to help show off your awesomeness, so get creative !

And do share this challenge with your friends and family. The more the merrier.

Look forward to seeing all your creations soon !


Image source: Pinterest

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