10 fabulous upcycles of old sweaters you can do at home today!

Sweater Upcycles

I’m beginning to notice the first signs of Autumn, so have been thinking of ways to upcycle and reuse the sweaters/jumpers that have been collecting dust since last winter. Of course, donating is an option but before I run to the charity shop or recycling bank with my old clothes I am really mindful about the effect that all this waste material has on third world countries, especially after reading  Not So Fast (Fashion)! African Countries to Ban Secondhand Clothing Imports  and how our donated clothes can ruin these economies. Have a read. So instead of adding to the problem, why not have a go at turning your hand to one of these…

sweater dog cat pet bed

Create a dog bed. Genius. {source}

Sweater Upcycle

Make a baby hat. Personalise and gift. {source}

Sew Your Own Mittens

Sew your own mittens. I am so going to do this. {source}

Upcycle Sweater Gift Wrap

Use as gift wrap. Inspired. {source}

Make Christmas Stockings

Make a Christmas stocking. Start saving sweaters now! {source}

Sweater Slipper

Sew some slippers. Wow. Just wow. {source}

DIY-Sweater-Lampshade-Tutorial-by-Unskinny-Boppy-www.unskinnyboppy.com-2_thumb (1)

Make a lampshade. And it’s actually pretty simple, too.  {source}

Sweater Bag

Design a sweater bag. An oldie but a goodie and this one is better than most. {source}

Sweater Storage

Make storage boxes. Thrifty and chic. {source}

Sweater Garland

Fashion a sweater garland. Family rainy, autumn day activity. {source}


Spotted any I have missed? Or have had a go of one of these and want to share? Leave a comment and let me know.

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