Andy Warhol – Artipelag

As I mentioned in earlier blogpost, I paid a visit to Archipelag the other day.

While there, I found out that there was an Andy Warhol exhibition on. I am not a huge fan, but since I was there, I thought that I might as well go and check it out.




Andy Warhol was born 1928 in Pittsburgh.

He studied Fine Art at Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. After graduating early 1950’s, he moved to New York, where he became a successful graphic designer and illustrator.


By 1960, he decided to concentrate on being an artist and with that, became the icon of Pop-art. He believed that art should be for everyone and did some very successful collaborations with various famous brands. Absolute Vodka, Brillo, Campbell Soup …  etc.



As his fame grew, so did his popularity. He was at his time one of the most celebrated artists. Not only did he successfully collaborate with successful brands, he himself became a brand and everyone wanted to be associated with Warhol. His prints could be found everywhere, from packaging to high fashion.

One of the most surprising facts that I learnt at the exhibition is that, he himself NEVER did any of his own screen-prints that he was so famous for. That was part of his art process, letting other people create everything for him. (Clever … or just lazy ?)



Warhol died at just 58 years old, during a routing gallbladder operation.

The exhibition is on until 26 September 2016 at Artipelag.

There are Warhol inspired silk-screen printing workshops at Artipelag during most weekends.


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