Kulturhuset – Stockholm

Kulturhuset in Stockholm in one of the Northern Europe’s largest Cultural complex.
It houses theatres, galleries, cinemas, as well as cafès and restaurants but what we love the most is the library in there. The library is divided in categories across various floors and has a wide selection of books in Swedish, as well as other languages.

View From The Library

Kids library (“Rum För Barn”) is on the 4th floor. Apart from just a library, Rum för Barn also has a workshop for painting and crafting, as well as a cinema room and a baby library.

Reading Fort
Baby Library
Part of Library
Reading Boat

My kids love spending time there, reading and playing games.

If your kids are a bit older, there is a library area called 10/13, dedicated to kids that are 10-13 years. NO adults allowed.

10/13 Reading Area

There is also a Teen area (Lava), where they have a printing workshop and library for teenagers. Again, no adults are allowed in here either.

During the summer, you also have a fantastic reading area on the roof where you can just relax with a good book, while enjoying a bit of Scandinavian sunshine.



Find out more about Kulturhuset, their events and opening hours here.

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