Yoyoi Kusama – Moderna Museet

Yoyoi Kusama is one of my favourite artists. Her work is playful, provocative and fun.

Her exhibition was at Tate Modern, London a few years ago, which I took the kids to. We loved it.

So, hearing that her exhibition “In Infinity” is here in Stockholm, we decided to go. It ends on 11th September, 2016.


Yayoi Kusama (1929) is a true multi disciplinary artist, moving freely between art and design, from painting to sculpture, from east to west. She is the priestess of boundary breaking and polka dots.

Narcissus Garden (1966), a garden of highly polished surfaces that reflects a distorted version of its viewers and surroundings.

Kusama’s signature polka dots appear in a lot of her work. Fascinating and somewhat trippy. She has since a young age experienced hallucinations in her everyday life. Her art is often an expression of these experiences.

And there was the Phallic shapes that she kept using and re-using in various sculptures. Sex and food ( she used pasta in several of her art work) are 2 things that Kusama struggled with and feared her entire life.


Having been a successful artist for over 6 decades, she still works tirelessly on producing new work. She still paints everyday from a psychiatric care home, where she now lives.

There are a few other exhibitions ( both temporary and permanent ) on at the museum at the moment and I would have loved to go and see them but we got stuck at the Drop-in Art Workshop for a bit longer than planned.  We had such a wonderful time just creating in there. All sorts of materials were supplied and you were free to just create whatever you wanted. So, the half hour that we thought we’d spend in there, ended up being well over 2 hours, until they closed.

I highly recommend the Moderna Museet on a day out in Stockholm with the kids. They have fantastic workshops and events for little ones, as well as big ones.

Get off the train at Kungstradgården and walk across Skeppsbron. It is beautiful walk. Otherwise, get bus 65 from T-Centralen, which stops right outside of the museum.

Find out more about Moderna Museet and the exhibition here.

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