10 upcycled camping hacks that are simply genius!

Camping Hacks (1)

Having just come back from a weekend camping, I am always on the look out genius ways to make the experience better for me, my family and the environment. This includes repurposing what I have here plus a few nifty buys to make life a little more fun!

1) Belt Upcycle

Camping HackUse a belt and some hooks to hand pots and utensils. So simple, and it works like a dream.

2) Mosquito Repellent

Camping HackAdding bundles of sage to a campfire will keep mosquitoes away.

3) Biodegradable Tape

Biodegradable-camping-tapeBiodegradable marking tape. Brilliant for marking out trails and perfect for games, too.

4) Recycled Straw Rugs

A rug made of recycled straws. Lightweight, wipe clean, sustainable. Bell tent decor!

5) Spice Holders

Camping HackReuse those Tic Tac packets as spice containers. They’re the perfect size.

6) Headlamp Hack

water-jug-lampI’ve done this a few times. Tip: use an opaque bottle not a clear one, and fill it with water. Works brilliantly.

7) Tin Can Drink Holder

Tin Can DRink Holder

Such a simple make! Upcycled food can, and a few bits from the hardware store. I’m going to make these soon!

8) Hammock Wilderness Chair

Hammock Wilderness Chair

I admit this isn’t an easy make but what a fab a practical craft made of found wood and rope. I think you’d be able to make this out of lengths of fabric scraps, too.

9) Simple Sit Ons

Simple Sit Ons Sewing

Made from vinyl tablecloths and fabric scraps. Perfect, especially for festivals. Just wipe them down and reuse.

10) Tin Can Caddy


So many different uses. Yes, cutlery but also toiletries, ‘bits and bobs’, all sorts. Adapt to meet your needs! And another way to upcycle tin cans!


Sources // Pan Belt Holder / Sage / Tape – Buy and Image Source / Straw Rugs /   TicTac Spices / Headlamp / Drink Holder – Tutorial and Image Source / Wilderness Chair / Sit Ons /  Caddy

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