Grateful For the Decisions That I Made


The last couple of days, the weather has been glorious and as I sat in the garden doing a bit of work, I took a moment to reflect.

I felt incredibly grateful for the life that I (together with my husband of course) have created.

A lot of decisions , good and bad, have been made before I arrived here, on this perfect day.

Day after day, hour after hour, decisions were being made, just so that I can be right where I am today. This place, right now.


Work. In 2007, I decided to give up my Interior Design career and start my own kids fashion brand and then in 2013, I decided to scale back the business. In 2015, I decided to re-start the business with a new, stronger focus.


Life. In 2007, I decided to  marry the man I love and that same year we decided to start our little family. In 2013, we decided to move out of London to Wiltshire to start living a slower, more sustainable lifestyle. In 2014, we struggled to keep our marriage together and we decided to separate. The following year, we got back together because there was too much love between us to just give up. We decided to work hard to make our marriage work.

square wedding

Kids. In 2007, Jake and Maya were born. Two perfect little babies. That same year, I decided to launch an online business so that I can be a full-time mum during the day, while working in the evenings (and whenever they napped). We soon decided that we wanted to raise our children out of London and moved to Wiltshire, where the kids started school in 2013. In 2015, we decided to move houses and ended up in a house that we love, in a village that we love and the kids are in a little village school that they love.

Today. Right now. I have spent most day in the garden, working on our Kickstarter strategy  to re-launch Jake + Maya (Kids). In between work, I have been doing some gardening and going for walks with Daisydog and Iggycat (who thinks he is a dog).



Lunchtime was spent with my husband, who is working from home today, mainly consisting of freshly picked produce from our organic garden.

Kids days are spent out and about all day, exploring, playing, growing and if we are lucky, some cooking. They keep themselves pretty busy doing life. 

It may not sound like a very exciting day or indeed life but it is looking very much like the life that I want to live right now.

I am enjoying every moment of this life but yet, I am equally excited about the future. Who knows what decisions the future holds.


What does your ideal life look like ?

Please share your stories with us. 

What good/bad decisions have you made to make your life what it is today ?

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