Working Progress – Less Waste, Not More

Last weekend should have been when we should have launched our new collection but we decided a few weeks ago, to delay it and instead launch it at Kickstarter after the summer. Read about the reasons here.


That decision didn’t come easily but I definitely think it was the right decision for us. To have launched it at the weekend would have been a mistake. We need this extra time to plan.

We don’t want to just create another children’s clothing brand, we want to revolutionise the way children’s clothing is made.

We want to make children’s clothing that lasts beyond a season or even a year.

We want to make children’s clothing that transcends beyond just clothing.

It must have a purpose, a commitment and I want every wearer to be able to part of this commitment.

There are a few things we must do at the design stage, to stay committed to our ethos.


First, we must choose good quality materials.

These materials must be sustainably and ethically produced, otherwise the entire chain would already be broken. We have chosen to use all organic, GOTS certified cotton for all our designs. The fabrics will all be hand-printed, using water-based inks.

NO harmful pesticides, NO toxic materials and NO harmed farmers or child-labour.

Over the last few months, we have developed a range of zero-waste patterns for our collection. We are aiming at achieving 0-1% waste only.

We are almost there but have some more development work to do, largely due to the different sizes that we have to produce.

Creating as much waste (up to 30%) as in conventional pattern-cutting, just isn’t acceptable to us and we are going to find a solution.

We look forward to solving this part of the puzzle.


Of course, making something that lasts for children is much harder than for adults, as children grow ! This is another problem that we are very excited about solving.

How can we make clothes that grow with the child ?

What features can we include in our designs to maximise the use of each garment ?

Then when the child finally out-grows the garment, what can we do to save it from the landfills ?

These are the questions that we constantly ask ourselves on a daily basis. This is the foundation of the collection.

We do not want to create more waste, we want to reduce it but how do we go about doing this ?

How can we get people to look after care for their children’s clothing, to make them last longer ?


So with only a couple of months to go until planned Kickstarter launch, we will have solved all these issues and some more. Please keep in touch so that we can keep you posted.

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