Dyeing with Nature

Regular readers will know that I use sustainable methods throughout the creative process. One of the areas I have been researching for the next collection is ways to naturally dye material. I have been having a look at natural dyes and the colours they produce. Here are three of my favourites.

Indigo Dying

Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue colour, that we often associate with denim. Full instructions on how to dye with natural indigo can be found over at Wild Colours (which is a great resource).

Weld Dying

Weld (also known as Dyers Rocket) produces a wide range of brilliant lemon yellows and can be over-dyed with woad to produce Lincoln Green. It looks stunning. Want to know how to do it? Have a read of this super-simple guide over at Dyeing Crafts.

Madder Dye

Madder is a popular plant to use to get a beautiful, permanent red dye. The dye is extracted from the roots of a pretty, viney, low growing herb. It has been cultivated in Europe and the Middle East for at least 5,000 years! Sea Green & Sapphire has experimented with using madder as a dye and talks you through each technique

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list check out the natural dyes colour list from Pioneer Thinking. It’s one to bookmark!

Are you using natural dyes at home or in your studio? Let me know what’s working for you.


Image sources // Kin Folk / Land Estudio / Wild Colours / Spade & Silk / In Stitches Daily / A Polish Grandaughter / Irit Dulman / Sea Green & Sapphire / Following Thread / British Library / The Felting & Fibre Studio /

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