#SharingOurStash – Viscose Lining


It’s time for another offering as part of the #sharingourstash project. This time it’s a whole load of Viscose Linings and, as always, I am giving them away for £1 per meter!

Incase you’re wondering why I am giving this fabric away so cheaply, it’s because over the years of creating many collections and throughout the creative design process, I have collected a large amount of material. I need to make space and I want these fabulous fabrics and goodies from my studio (see all the stashes here) to see the light of day. You can find out more about the why in this post.

As I have said before, I really don’t want our stash ending up as your stash. Please share with us what you make.

So here’s what I have…


These are all quality fabrics, all purchased for use in my collections! If you’re looking for other fabrics, trimmings and buttons, do check out the other stashes.

Want any of these? Just leave a comment below letting me know what number and how much you’d like. Must be in multiples of half a meter. I’ll then send you a Paypal invoice. Please take a moment to read the T&Cs, even if you’ve read them before, as they were updated not so long ago.

Normally, at this point I’d share some inspiration of what you can make with these fabrics. But it ‘s lining fabric, so suitable for lining! So instead, I thought I’d share a couple of really useful tutorials…

How to line a crochet bag
This link can be adapted for all sorts of crochet projects, lining knitted and crochet items will make your finished product a lot sturdier, and will stop the stretch when heavy items are added.

How to line a jacket
If you’re new to lining more complicated items like jackets and other tailored pieces, this video is well worth a watch.

How to Sew An Invisible Zipper With A Lining

How to sew a skirt lining
If you want to start sewing your own clothes, this site is worth subscribing to.

If you have seen any great lining tutorials do let me know, leave a comment or pop over to my Facebook page.

#SharingOurStash – Get Involved

Do leave a comment below if you’re interested in any of the fabric here and I will be in touch. Let me know what number you’re interested in and how much you want. Do also share your stashes with me. I’ll be watching #SharingOurStash on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will share my favourites. Know someone else who may be interested? Please give this post a tweet, pin or a Facebook share – spread the word and lets see what fabulousness can come out of #SharingOurStash.

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