Zig Zag Mom and Instagram

As some of you already know, I love Instagram, both for sharing and finding inspiration.

I was never good at sharing my work but since I read the book Show your work  by Austin Kleon, I have become much better at it and now you can’t stop me.

Do tell me if you think that I am sharing too much or too often … !


zig zag blog share like an artist.jpg

I have over the last couple of years seen some incredible things and met some amazing people on Instagram.

It is for me, such a great way to connect with like-minded people that share the same ethos, ideas and passions as I do.

One such person is Sabina of the stunning Italian kids-fashion blog, Zig Zag Mom. We recently met on Instagram, got connected and decided to do a collaboration together. Just like that.

zig zag blog sneakers

We have in the past couple of weeks been working on a series of kids-fashion related colouring pages. It isn’t just creativity and colouring that we are trying to encourage, we are also encouraging learning through play and have included some simple Italian/English words for the little (or big) ones to learn.

The first one of the series has just been launched at Zig Zag Mom.

Head over there and download it for free now.

Have fun !

zig zag blog insta

PS. I felt a bit bored of my Instagram feed at the end of last year and decided to take Emily Quinton’s Beautify Your Instagram online course. It really helped me to start enjoying the process again. You should check it out if you are a keen Instagrammer, like me.

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images: Share Like An Artist, Beautify Your Instagram


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  1. I subscribed to Makelight Blog in January and intend to sign up to Emily’s course at some point! Good to hear about it 🙂 also great post – I love those points to ‘share like an artist’ . The powers of Instagram are wonderful, what a great way to commence a collaboration!

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