Easy Screen Printing

Screen printing is such good fun. It’s one of those when you start you just cant stop things!  Although you can buy screen printing kits, like these, you can also do a DIY version at home pretty easily, too.

The Easy Home Method

You need:

  • a frame which you can make, use an embroidery hoop, or buy pre-made.
  • cardboard
  • modgepodge (If you can’t get, it’s just watered down PVA basically. You need 1 cup of glue and 1/3 cup of water. These proportions are perfect, honest).
  • paint – go for water based or plant-based, it’s kinder to the environment
  • Whatever you’re printing on

There’s a really good step by step visual guide on Instructables and Lifehackers have a good tutorial too. Check them out.

The Photo Emulsion Method

Also have a look at Charlie’s website for more information. This is a really great introduction to screen printing, and if you replace the chemicals (see links below) can also be really sustainable.

The Eco Friendly Screen Printing Method

The best place to start going green is the chemicals you use. Although water / plant-based paints are the best choice they can also be a little tricky to use. Ryonet has a great page on how to do the environmentally friendly version with lots of product selections. Like us, they also advocate minimal waste. Thumbs up.

Apartment Therapy have a good list of green products that can replace glues, paints, chalks etc.


As always, I have put some inspiration together – these are all screen print ideas which look fabulous and are one colour, so easy to do at home. Just remember, practice makes perfect so if it doesn’t go right the first time, try again!

Screen Printing Ideas

Tape / Tote / Stay Wild / Feathers / Wood Chevrons / Panda / Notebooks / Burplap

If you’d like to see some complex examples, have a look at the round-up from CreativeBloq.

Do let me know how you get on, and I would love to see your work, so tag me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram with @jakeandmaya so I don’t miss it.

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