Countdown Starts Here



I made a decision to slow down all activity at Jake and Maya about 2 years ago, to reset the company and to get both myself and the company back on track. Read more about it here.

I few days ago, I was having a look through my diary and it suddenly dawned on me that we only have 17 weeks until it is time to reveal our new collection !!

How did that happen ? Where did all that time go ?!

Although I have been working on this collection for months, nothing is really finalised.

I have spent a lot of time in the past year just exploring and discovering new things and allowing myself to get completely immersed in the process of the creating something new, exciting and hopefully my most successful collection yet.



It has been such a wonderful process and a luxury to be able to afford myself this time to just work in a very slow, creative  and organic pace but time has come to collate everything and all the knowledge (about business, creativity, sustainability, fashion etc. ) that I have gained in the past couple of years and turn it into a new inspiring collection and company.

I’ll give you a weekly update on his journey here and feel free to comment with thoughts and ideas on how I can make this collection a huge success or indeed, if you are also starting a new brand or recently started a new brand, leave a comment here with your details and what you do and we will head on over to your website or blog and say hello.

You can follow my creative process on Instagram and  I will keep posting inspirational stories and ideas on Facebook .

It may well be a bumpy ride. Enjoy ! x

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