Creativity Is a Skill

Here is an interesting idea, creativity is a skill, not a gift.

So many people think of creativity as a talent or a gift, but actually I believe we are ALL creative and the way we express our creativity is a skill, a skill that requires practice and a lot of hard work … although, it wouldn’t necessarily feel like hard work, because when you are passionate about something (or talented), we tend to really enjoy what we do.

All too often, people think they aren’t creative and they don’t think to pursue anything that requires what they believe needs them to be creative. Therefor, they remain “un-creative”.

The more you create or think in a creative way, the more creative you will feel. It is that simple.

The fact is, even a creative talent, if he/she doesn’t practice his/her creativity, his/her skill too will be lost. It is not some magic thing that was given to them/us at birth. They/we put in a lot of effort in maintaining that creativity.

Have a look at these videos and let me know what you think.

Both very creative people that are very talented at what they do.

Dustin Timbrook talks about why creativity should be looked at as a skill, not as a talent.


and Master Penman Jake Weidmann talks about his talent and the hard work that he still has to put into his work and his practice to make his work good.

What are your thoughts ? Are you creative ? or perhaps even talented at what you do ?

What do you do that you love and work really hard at mastering ?

Leave a comment. Share with us.




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