Sharewear – Style Money Can’t Buy

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Sharewear is a Swedish Democreativity initiative, an initiative that aims to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

Each year millions of textiles are thrown away and in order to cut textile waste, we need to throw away less. We need to acquire less and look after what we already have.  But what if what we already have isn’t good enough and we really want something else to wear. Well, then you can borrow something from Sharewear ! Find out how here.

I think it is a fantastic idea !

Sharewear is a community of stylish people, or a so called movement, that wants to share their stuff and yours. Simply hashtag #sharewear on a photo of an outfit that you have and post it to Instagram and get sharing.

And if you see something on Instagram with the hashtag #sharewear, that you would like to borrow, simply just contact the sharer and organise a pick-up point. There, done. You have a new outfit but the rule is, you keep it only for 1 week and off you go sharing it with someone else. Remember, don’t hoard it all. It is all about sharing …

To kick the initiative off, Sharewear has joined up with super stylish Swedish brands like House of Dagmar, Whyred, Philippa K etc. who are all sharing some pretty cool outfits with the community. All for free too !

Here are a few examples of what is available to share on Instagram at the moment.


Happy sharing and here is to a stylish year that doesn’t cost the earth !

Visit Sharewear website to find out more.

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