Inspiration: 10 ways to use fabric scraps

Happy New Year!

I know many of us start the year promising to make time to get creative, indulge in a passion or try something new. And we all like to start a new year cleaning out the clutter. So with all this in mind, I thought we’d start the year with a post on how to simply use up those fabric scraps.

easy sewing

This post is mainly about using those fat quarters, left overs and bits you have saved for a rainy day – but there’s no reason why you can’t think big and supersize some of these ideas…. those fabric house would look fabulous giant-sized and who says a mini-rug has to stay mini!? But if you do want to keep it simple, and functional, fabric stickers are the way to go. If you have a fancy hole punch you can create all sorts of shapes. If you don’t grab one from Amazon, they’re super-cheap and before you know it you’ll find a hundred reasons to use it. I digress. Here are some brilliant ways to use up your fabric and many would make beautiful gifts, too.

Upcycle Fabric Scraps Ideas

Get the tutorials and find out more: Fabric Icecreams / Fabric Houses / Flower Pillow / Mini Rugs / Monogrammed Zipper Pouch

simple sewing ideas

Get the tutorials and find out more: Framed Pin Cushion / Quilted & Pipped LettersPicture Frame / Fabric Tape / Memory Game

If you love these ideas but do not have any fabric, grab some from the #SharingOurStash project? We’d love to see what you make so do leave comments and links below or Tweet/Instagram/Facebook using #SharingOurStash

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