#SharingOurStash – Fabric Drop 3

Sharing Our Stash

Welcome to the fourth stash, and third fabric offering as part of the #SharingOurStash project. If you’re not familiar, #SharingOurStash is about me giving you free (or unbelievably cheap) materials from my studio. Why? A number of reasons. I need to make some space in my studio but more importantly, my values are very much about sustainability, upcycling and waste reduction. I don’t want the unused materials from my collections ending in the bin, I don’t want to add to landfill, and I truly believe there’s so many creative minds out there can upcycle these materials to make something fabulous.

So far I have offered up vintage buttons, and two lots of high quality fabric – see here and here. There’s still some of those stashes left, so if you want them leave a comment and I will be in touch. 

We’ve had stashes going as far as Australia and Canada and I am looking forward to seeing your makes!

#SharingOurStash – The Fourth Stash

This week’s fabric is all £1/m plus shipping of £3. Overseas max charge is £8, UK max charge is £5. You can request as much as you like, but minimum is half a meter. Please have a quick read of the T&CsHere is what’s available…


1 –  Luxurious printed cotton lawn material from Liberty. Would make wonderful clothing, scarves and accessories. W140cm L500cm

2 – Woven cotton shirting material from Ringhart UK. Great quality. W150cm L300cm

3 – Handprinted organic cotton. Superb for home accessories. W150 L500

4 – Medium weight woven poly cotton with slight stretch. Suitable for lightweight jackets. W150cm L300cm

5 – Soft poly cotton with printed berries. Great for easy to wear girls tops and dresses. W140cm L200cm + L300cm NB* Actual fabric more dusty turquoise than grey. Very pretty.

6 – Woven cotton shirting material from Ringhart UK. Great quality. W150cm L300cm

Remember to leave a comment if you’re interested.

#SharingOurStash – The Fourth Stash Inspiration

I have shared lots of ideas for inspiration on the last two fabric posts (see here and here), so this week I thought I’d share something for all the beginner sewers.

Easy sewing Projects

Giraffe Pattern / Easy Sew PJ Bottoms / Create Your Own Playmat / Make Your Own Hobby Horse

Be brave, mix those fabrics and prints and make something unique !

#SharingOurStash – Get Involved

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in the fabric and do share your stashes with me, too. I’ll be watching #SharingOurStash on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will share my favourites. Know someone else who may be interested? Please give this post a tweet or a Facebook share – spread the word and lets see what fabulousness can come out of #SharingOurStash. Thank you.

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13 thoughts

  1. Hi I would love a meter of 1 and a metre of 5 please. And if you have any left a bag of buttons would be wonderful as well please. Fabulous idea xx

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  2. This is great, very interested 1.5m of no.1 Liberty will make a brill dress for my girl. If you have any polka dots white or red from previous stash would be interested in 1-1.5 m and a bag of buttons.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello. Brilliant idea! Is it at all possible to have 2m of no.3 and 2m of no. 5 please, with 2 bags of buttons as well? Having read the T&C, I obviously wouldn’t be able to get anything done within the 4 week deadline of stash publication, so feel free to ignore this request if not acceptable. Many thanks whatever you decide – a great idea!


  4. I would also like 2-3 meters of #5 and a bag of buttons if still available! To make my daughter and niece matching dresses. I don’t know if you can combine this with fabric from another blog post of yours? I was wanting 4 Meters of the black and white striped also. Thank you SO much!


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