Seed Pod Sculptures – Tilnar Art


I came across these lovely little bird sculptures at Mary Howard Christmas Fair earlier today.
I couldn’t think of anyone suitable to give them to this Christmas, so decided to just treat myself.

I have a real weakness for little quaint-looking animals that are handmade and bought 3 of them, as I thought they would look best displayed as a flock.

I liked them so much that I later went home and decided to find out more about them.

These Seedpod Birds were handmade in Zimbabwe by Raina Mazwiembiri and her adult daughters.

They collect seedpods which have fallen from Ulumbu trees (Sterculia rogersii). The seedpods are not found in quantity in the area where they live, so they have to travel seven hours to the Bulawayo area to pick them, and then travel back home.

Standing on hand twisted wire feet, they are then hand painted and decorated in bright colours to produce these beautiful birds and animals, each with their own unique markings and poses.

Amazing, aren’t they ?

There are mostly birds but there are also a couple of giraffes and elephants.

See them all here.

Tilnar Art, who represent these seed pod sculptures also represent a whole range of other ethically produced gift-products.

Enjoy and happy shopping.

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