Phenomenon or Pure Madness

Have you seen the Balmain X H&M collaboration ? It is phenomenal.

It was available in selected stores and online on the 5th December. The launch was incredible and utter madness ! Check out this video of the Regent street store on the 5th December.


What ? Really ?!

I guess, as a designer and brand-owner, I’d love to get this kind of recognition and have people queue over-night for my designs but at what cost ? Can this kind of success be achieved sustainably and ethically ? Do the big corporations even care ? Do the consumers care ?

Unfortunately, in most cases, they really don’t.

According to Steve Oklyn, “From the children in Southeast Asia who manufacture the clothing to the CEO of BALMAIN Emmanuel Diemoz, the whole process is an assembly line of death. Death of the beauty of childhood. Death of the individual right to self determined consciousness”. A bit harsh, but at the same time so true.

Read the rest of the article here and let me know your thoughts.


Can we change the way we produce fashion on a large scale, so that it is entirely sustainable and ethical ?

It is a tricky one, as consumerism in itself isn’t at all sustainable, is it ?




The more we consume, the more will get produced, the more energy we will use and the more raw material we have to grow and harvest and at the end of that, the more waste we will produce and the more damage we will do to our environment.


The end.




Sources: The Guardian, Apar TV, The Telegraph

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