Survival Kits to Help Save Lives This Winter


As winter is coming, the conditions for the Syrian refugees in Greece are becoming more desperate. A lot of them left their homes with only a few basic items, and without spare clothes to keep them warm and dry. Some of them don’t even have shoes on their feet !

Please help my friend Michael Klien, who is an artist based in Athens, achieve his goal of providing 100 survival kits for young families to help them survive this winter.

Find out more here and make sure you donate and/or share NOW, as the sooner the campaign goal is reached, the sooner everything can get purchased and sent out.

In the meanwhile, say a prayer for the refugees and for their safety.

Ps. I am looking at getting some lightweight blankets, hats and scarves made to get sent to the refugees ASAP, so if you have some spare fleece (or similar material) and/or some time to help make them, please get in touch with me

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