#SharingOurStash – Fabric

Sharing Our Stash - Fabric

Thank you to everyone who got involved with last weeks stash. Great to see so much enthusiasm for the project, especially on Facebook. There are two stashes of buttons heading to new homes and I am excited to see the outcomes in a few weeks, watch this space! Don’t forget, you can still request those vintage buttons  (just leave a comment on this post). But for now, on to the next stash!

Next up is fabric! I have some beautiful fabrics available, and you can get them for just £1 a meter. YEP. £1 a meter. Here’s what I have…

Free Fabric

1 – Black and white cotton striped cotton drill. W140cm. 4 meters available.
2 – Printed cotton blossom voile from Asher Studio NY. W135cm. 1 meter available.
3 – Printed cotton in grey and turquoise dots. W110cm. 2 meters available.
4 – Printed fine cotton. W150cm. 4 meters available
5 – Screen printed brown diamond pattern on pale blue background from Bernatex. W110cm. 4.5 meters available.
6 – Printed check fine shirting cotton. (Maybe Paul Smith? I can’t remember). W150cm. 3.5 meters available.

If you want this fabric just leave me a comment below and I will send you Paypal invoice. It’s £1 a meter and you can ask for as much as you like and are going to use. Minimum request is half a meter.  As I said before, what I don’t want to do is send you stuff so you can stash it and let it collect dust. I want to see your makes! So with this in mind, before requesting this fabric, or any other stash, please note that a condition to receiving a stash is to show us what you make with it – ideally within 4 weeks from when the stash post was published. That’s more than enough time for the sewing machines to be dusted off or glue guns heated up! We have a few more T&Cs too, just incase there’s any confusion. Please make sure you read them before you request a stash.

#SharingOurStash – Fabric Inspiration

Quite fancy the fabric but not sure what to make with it? There’s thousands of sewing tutorials out thereHere’s some inspiration of what you could make with this fabulous stash…

Fabric Craft Inspiration

Love these ideas but would like a how to? I really love the fabric covered suitcases from A Beautiful Mess, so pop over and check out her tutorial

#SharingOurStash – Get Involved

So leave a comment below if you’re interested, and do share your stashes with me too. I’ll be watching #SharingOurStash on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will share my favourites. Know someone else who may be interested? Please give this post a tweet or a Facebook share – spread the word and lets see what fabulousness can come out of #SharingOurStash. I have a whole lot more to give away!

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Image Sources // Fabric Covered Books / The 20 Minute Tote / Fabric Rug / Fabric Covered Suitcases / Magnet Letters / Fabric Pom Poms / No Sew Fabric Flowers


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  1. Hi my 8 year old has received a sewing machine for Christmas and is hooked after making a small cushion, she would love 2 meters of fabric no.2 if you have any left as it would make her a beautiful skirt for her next project. 💕👧🏼


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