Obsessed by Moths

From drawing a simple butterfly, to drawing more butterflies, to end up drawing endless moths, then to drawing endless moth caterpillars and then to even drawing moth eggs, I can simply say that I have been a little obsessed by moths the past couple of weeks.

A collection of moths, caterpillars and eggs illustrations.

I don’t know if it is just me or are you the same ? When I find something inspiring, I tend to go all in and get a bit obsessed by it. I read about moths, I draw moths, I google moths and I look up moths both on Pinterest and Etsy ! Before I started looking into moths a few weeks ago, I only thought there was 1 type, the cashmere eating type but I now know better ! We have over 800 different species of moths on the British Isles alone and thousands worldwide ! There are the little brown ones that we see (and despise) in our homes and there are the ones that are more beautiful than anything that I have ever seen, living off other things than treasured cashmere and wool clothing !

amazing moths
From left to right, Top to Bottom: Venezuelan Poodle Moth, Giant Leopard Moth, Saturniidae Moth’s Caterpillar, Puss Moth, Saturniidae Moth, Squeeking Silk Moth, Garden Tiger Moth

And it seems like it isn’t just me being obsessed with Moths. Moths are everywhere.

Moths in Fashion
Moth Inspired Fashion
moths on etsy
Moth Inspired Products on Etsy

 I wouldn’t be surprised if a moth or two sneaked into our next collection ….

Images: The Week, UNK News, Animal Spot, Dusty Rose, Live Seasoned, Imgur, Voice of Nature, Catherine Sieck, BehanceScherer & Gonzalez, Cats Resume, Alexander McQueen On Etsy: Willowynn, The Old Laundrette, Bead Lady, Primrose Prints, Newelles Jewells

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