#SharingOurStash – An Introduction and Buttons!


Over the years of creating many collections and throughout the creative design process, I have collected a large amount of materials, which I have stashed away collecting dust. I am now offering up collections of my stashes for free in my #SharingOurStash project.

Why? A number of reasons. Firstly, I need to make some space in my studio and I know they’re not going to be used in my new collection, my most successful collection. But more importantly, my values are very much about sustainability, upcycling and waste reduction. I don’t want the unused materials from my collections ending in the bin, I don’t want to add to landfill, and I truly believe there’s so many creative minds out there can upcycle these materials to make something fabulous. These stashes aren’t scraps, they’re good quality and I am offering them out to people like you!

#SharingOurStash is to be an ongoing project, where I am giving away these materials for free. I just ask you to contribute towards the postage. What I don’t want to do is send you stuff so you can stash it and let it collect dust. I want to see your makes! So with this in mind, before requesting any stash please note that a condition to receiving a stash is to show us what you make with it – ideally within 4 weeks from when the stash post was published. That’s more than enough time for the sewing machines to be dusted off or glue guns heated up! We have a few more T&Cs too, just incase there’s any confusion. Please make sure you read them before you request a stash.

#SharingOurStash – The First Stash

Buttons BagsSo first up is this huge collection of vintage buttons. There’s loads here – all shapes and sizes. We have 20 bags of these buttons to give away. Want one bag? 5 bags? Leave me a comment on this post and I’ll be in touch. Postage will be £2.80 – that’s for UK second class, small parcel. If you’re overseas it’s a contribution of £5. That’s economy shipping.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to make, I’d love to hear about it – please let me know when you add your request to the comments below.

Buttons Stash

#SharingOurStash – The First Stash Inspiration

Quite fancy the buttons but not sure what to make with them? Here’s some inspiration of what you could make with this fabulous stash.

Button Crafts - what to make with buttons

Love these ideas but would like a how to? How about you check out the Retro Button Necklace tutorial from Yellow Blackbird – such a fab make (and great for gifting too!).

#SharingOurStash – Get Involved

So leave a comment below if you’re interested, and do share your stashes with me too. I’ll be watching #SharingOurStash on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will share my favourites. Know someone else who may be interested? Please give this post a tweet or a Facebook share – spread the word and lets see what fabulousness can come out of #SharingOurStash. I have fabrics, lace, trims and a whole lot more to give away!

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Image Sources // Christmas Tree Decoration / Button Bowl / Button Bird / Hot Air Buttons / Button Bobby Pins / Button Tee / Button Jewellery

14 thoughts

  1. I have been searching high and low in thrift stores for cool buttons!!!! My little girls craft and design doll clothes and I crotchet unique scarves etc
    Please share with us and we will share with you and also pay it forward 👍❤️😊🙏

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  2. Hi, do you still have any buttons left? I make felt toys with Primary School children and these would be great for decoration and quirky eyes. Any trimmings you have that you would still like to send out would also be great.


    1. Hi Kelly,

      How fun ! I will get a bag of mixed buttons for you. As for trimmings, please have a look at our trimmings page and let me know what you would like and how much you need and i can get it all together for you tomorrow.



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