Planting a Pineapple Top

My son loves pineapples and we do tend to get them quite often.

But this is the first time we actually got around to doing this, planting the pineapple top.

Super simple and very satisfying when/if it starts growing.

  1. Cut off the top of the pineapple.


2. Separate the leaf part and the top of pineapple by twisting them in opposite directions.


3. Pick off some of the leaves at the bottom to reveal at least 3-5 cm of stem. This will allow more roots to start growing.


4. Make a small hole in the compost and plant it in. Some people like to put the pineapple top in water until it roots start growing before planting it.


      5. Water well and make sure to put some water in the leaves too, so it travels down the stem of the plant.

      6. You should start seeing new green leaves growing within a few weeks.

new pineapple

7. It will take a while until the your plant will start bearing fruits, about a year, so you need to have a bit of patience but it will be worth it.


Good Luck and enjoy !

Ps. Do you like our Improved by Me inspired plant pot ?

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