The Peacock Arts Trail – Kathy Hutton

Another amazing day on the Peacock Arts Trail.

We met such amazing artists today, and the locations were stunning too ! Truly wonderful.

It is just so nice seeing how other creatives work and knowing that there are so many talented artists and makers around me, kind of makes me feel less lonely in my pursuits.

First on the list was lovely Kathy Hutton. I love the simplicity of her prints.

You can buy Kathy’s prints online and she also holds regular 3 hour workshops in various print methods.

We got to have a go at doing some simple Mono printing when we were there, while some other people got to try their hands on Jelly printing.

I am really looking forward to getting a small group of friends together and learn more about the printing process from Kathy but first, I will head to an art store and get some ink so Maya and I can do a few more Mono Prints at home. We loved it. So simple but so effectful.

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