Creative Art Journal

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d probably already know that I have been very busy with my art journal recently.

I found some old notebooks recently, as i was looking for some sketchbooks to do some drawings in but couldn’t. Then the idea came to me. I could just cover the pages somehow and use the notebooks to draw on and there it all started. One page followed another and now i am looking for more old notebooks to up-cycle because i just can’t stop.

Find a page that you would like to use.
Put paint on the spreads you want to cover. I raided the kids art cupboard and found some bright acrylic paints.
Spread it all over the pages. I find that using my fingers is the easiest and most fun way to get an even finish.
Now, you can start creating and have fun on your page.

Here are a few pages that i did this week. I had such a great time making them, just playing around with doodles, images, paints and various different mediums. No pressure, just “childish” fun.

There are no rules. You can kind of do whatever you feel like inside these pages.

Since I started my art journal, little Maya has also decided to start keeping her own little journal, containing lots of lovely pictures and collages. Creativity is so very contagious.
Jake wanted to help me so he painted a picture for me, which we outlined and glued on the pages. He also added some pictures that he liked. Next, he said, he will write something on the pages. Collaborations are fun.

If you have some old notebooks hanging around that you may not want to throw out, give this a go. It is so much fun.

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