In My Ideal World

In my ideal world, everybody is happy.

In my ideal world, all children can play and have fun all day.

In my ideal world, all children are allowed to go to school to learn what they want to learn.

In my ideal world, there are no bad people and we are all safe.

In my ideal world, there are no starving people.

In my ideal world, there are no homeless people.

In my ideal world, everyone is able to follow their own dream.

In my ideal world, everyone loves and cares for each other.

In my ideal world, everyone has clothes to keep warm.

In my ideal world, everyone is equal.

In my ideal world, everyone cares for the environment.

In my ideal world, everyone helps those in need.

In my ideal world, my pro-markers never run out of ink.

In my ideal world, my children’s clothes can grow with them.

In my ideal world, my children are always well behaved little angels.

In my ideal world, my husband is always happy, kind, tolerant, loving, helpful and understanding.

In my ideal world, I can work 24 hours a day and still have time to spend with my family and to sleep.

In my ideal world all of our food comes from our own garden.

In my ideal world, all of our clothes are all beautifully made by me.

In my ideal world …. all is just perfectly perfect.

What does your ideal world look like ?

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