Home-made Fruit Roll-ups

Pick 3-4 Large Apples ( I find a mixture of cooking apples and eating apples work best.
Pick a handful of Blackberries.
Wash, peel and cut everything and put into pan. Add water, about 1/8 of water to fruit quantity.
Boil for about 10 minutes until all soft. Add juice from half a lemon. I also added a pinch of nutmeg, some vanilla and about half a table spoon of honey to taste. Stir.
Blend mixture using a handheld blender until smooth. Boil for another 5 -10 minutes until it starts to thicken.
Pour onto greased baking paper or thick cling film. Bake for 5-8 hours in 50C oven, until all set.
Cut into strips, add a little message and roll them up. Tie a string around each roll.
Special little handmade school-snacks done.
Wrap in tissue paper. Job done. Healthy, fun snacks created with love.

This also works well with pears and strawberries and if you are really adventurous, you could also add some butternut squash carrots or even spinach. Experiment. Have fun. Enjoy !

Please do share with us if you come up with an interesting roll-up. x

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