My Daily Walk of Inspiration

Everyday, I kind of don’t feel like going  but every single day, I love it just as much and everyday I get inspired by something during this walk.




I’ll let you in on a secret, a lot of work issues get solved and a lot of wonderful ideas are born when I am not in the office. It all happens here, while I am out enjoying myself.

So, keep walking ! You never know what ground-breaking ideas may come to you.

Thank you Daisydog for dragging me out every single day.


Note to self:  Start bringing a small notebook along on the walk so you can jot down new thoughts and ideas that come along and get forgotten by the time you get home.

Find out more about the benefits of exercise on your creative brain and that i am actually being productive when i am out walking my dog in this article , if you don’t believe me.

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