Online Sketchbook Club

Right before the summer holiday started, I really got into the habit of drawing every day but after a few weeks away, I found it quite difficult to get back into it but luckily there was help out there.

I signed myself up to Jennie Maizels online sketch-book club and got cured of my inactive drawing habit.

Her video lessons are just brilliant. The directions are very clear and concise and the final results so amazing (even if i say so myself !).

Each lesson, she introduces a new technique or medium to try and I just love that, because normally, I just stick with the medium that i feel comfortable with (usually pen/marker) so this is a good way to start exploring a bit more.

I did the first project one evening after the kidlets went to bed and left it out to dry overnight.  Kidlets woke up and discovered my sketchbook (as planned).

They loved what I did that evening and asked if they could do it too (also as planned), so now we all do it together.

Well, they do it together with me when they have time but I do a bit extra when they’re not around as I can’t resist having some extra fun by myself.

The arrival of my sketchbook supplies
Kidlets joining sketchbook club
Jake’s Project House in progress
Maya’s Happy House done, now just have to add background and details
Project House finished
Project House #1
Project House #2
Project House #3
Kids concentrating tracing drawings for Project Fish
Jake working on drawing waves for Project Fish
Project Fish #1 finished after an almost sleepless night
Maya’s Project Fish in progress
Choosing the right blues for Project Fish #2
Project Fish #2
Was stopping at #2 but decided to do #3 because marker from #2 went through the back of page and I couldn’t bear it
Finding this quite stressful. Marker from #2 went through to #1. Must do something about that soon. I can NOT leave it like that ….

Honestly, if you have been thinking about sketch-booking or starting to draw but not yet managed to get started yet, you really should give this a go. I promise, you will enjoy it so much that you won’t want to stop drawing after. It is just so satisfying seeing it all come together.

You can see some of the other sketch-bookers work on instagram here :



Washing Line


More details about the online Sketchbook Club here.

Me off to get the next project started now. Enjoy your day. x

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