Forest Day – Sweden (Blueberry Jam)

There is something so magical about Swedish forests, especially at this time of year when the sun is shining through the trees, casting beautiful shadows on the lush moss-covered ground. Since I was little growing up here, I have always loved being in the forest and I have such wonderful memories from my childhood, just running around in them, exploring, having adventures, climbing on rocks, looking for sticks, building dens and foraging for wild berries. IMG_1762










That precious sense of freedom that one gets when playing and exploring in nature, is a feeling that I really treasure and wish that I can pass on and share with my children.

I try to “recreate” that feeling in England where we live as much as I can but it just isn’t the same. The Swedish forests hold a very special place in my heart.

It is blueberry season at the moment, so the grounds are covered in these delicious wild berries. The kids were in blueberry heaven. IMG_1566




We joyously picked about 5 kg of blueberries today ! That doesn’t include the ones we gulped down while picking.

We ate what we could and saved some, the rest we made jam with.
IMG_1869Ingredients: 2 kg fresh blueberries 1 kg jam sugar Directions:

  • Wash and clean berries
  • Put into large pan
  • Add jam sugar
  • Boil for 2-3 minutes, until the sugar is all melted
  • Store in sterilised airtight containers

We had ours with Swedish pancakes and whipped cream. It was delicious ! What a perfect way to end a perfect day. IMG_1864

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  1. Thanks. I agree. Definitely no lack of imagination here. They even created some art/installations yesterday, as part of their play. Will post some photos tomorrow. x


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